An Oakland Cookbook


Oakland: New Urban Eating documents Oakland’s dynamic culinary landscape as it attains national and global prominence. Flanked by the more established culinary meccas of Berkeley and San Francisco, Oakland has emerged as a destination for pioneering restaurants, food artisans, world-class farmer’s markets, and lively food festivals.

Using an ethnographic methodology, we’ll investigate the vibrant culture that has developed around the gathering, preparation, and enjoyment of food in Oakland. Recipes will be collected from artisans, notable chefs, and influential community members across Oakland’s diverse community who are taking part in fueling this food renaissance. Throughout Oakland: New Urban Eating, we’ll talk with urban farmers, kitchen incubators, community-based food programs, and food foragers where we’ll uncover tips from creating your own raised garden bed in an abandoned lot to foraging for crab in the East Bay.

One thought on “An Oakland Cookbook

  1. Hello.
    My name is Armando and I’m the owner of the Mixing Bowl in Oakland. I love doing the food photography for us and would be happy to lend my time and skills to your efforts. We too enjoy the excitement that has arisen in the past few years around the food in our town and I would welcome the opportunity to help out with your upcoming book. Most of the pictures on our Facebook page where taken by me. Thanks.

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